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Family always occupies the first position in our hearts. How not, from birth until growing old, family is always around us. There is a good process that we go through to build a good family.

On the basis of kindness in this family, KARA provides an information channel close to the family, namely the family This information channel contains various things regarding parenting and family tips. Not only tips, there are also various articles on recipes that use KARA products, ranging from snacks, heavy food to drinks. With these two outlines, the family of is expected to be the main reference for the good family of Friends of KARA.

About KARA

KARA has become the pride of Indonesia as a pioneer of aseptic packaging coconut milk which has now exported various kinds of coconut-based products to more than 80 countries.

KARA and coconut farmers are inseparable because more than 90% of the total raw materials needed by KARA come from coconut farmers every day. This has had a positive impact on the well-being of coconut farmers working with KARA.

One of KARA's principles is to always provide the best for the social and economic welfare of coconut farmers and the community through infrastructure development, implementation of various religious activities including the construction of houses of worship, to community education programs around the industry.

That is why by buying KARA products, you have also contributed to the welfare and better lives of coconut farmers.

Keluarga Kara

Project Information

  • Project Title: Keluarga Kara
  • Client: KARA Indonesia
  • Category: Web Design, Web Development, CMS

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