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Caffino Website

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Established in 2018, PT Sumber Kopi Prima is proud to present coffee products that combine the best quality raw materials with great taste. The passion to produce the best coffee encouraged us to look for the highest quality raw materials to create Caffino, 3 in 1 instant coffee made with real coffee and real milk.

The Caffino brand starts from a dream that everyone should be able to get the most satisfying glass of coffee whenever they want. Because of that Caffino is here to elevate the experience of enjoying coffee for everyone, and anytime, because extraordinary coffee creates extraordinary moments too.

Each Caffino glass can be easily distinguished from its thick foam. From the first insert, you can immediately feel the quality of the best raw materials - true authentic taste

Caffino comes with three variants that are tempting to please all coffee lovers: Classic Latte Coffee, Choco Latte Hazelnut Coffee, and Mocca Latte Coffee.

We are very excited for all of Indonesia to enjoy authentic authentic 3 in 1 instant coffee, which they deserve - Enjoy every moment with a glass of Caffino.

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