Orange Lantern Catering Ordering System

  • Client

    The Orange Lantern Vietnamese Restaurant Pte Ltd

  • Services

    UI/UX, Website

  • Duration

    6 Months

  • Website


Orange Lantern Catering Ordering System
Our Challenge

Orange Lantern Catering Singapore required a robust digital solution to manage their diverse catering services and enhance their customer engagement. The challenge was to create a comprehensive platform that could handle various catering needs, provide a seamless user experience, and reflect their unique brand identity inspired by traditional Vietnamese lanterns.

  • Develop a user-friendly website to showcase their extensive menu and services.
  • Implement an efficient order management system to streamline operations.
  • Ensure the platform supports both private and corporate client needs.
  • Integrate secure payment gateways to ensure safe transactions.
  • Create a design that reflects the unique brand identity of Orange Lantern, inspired by traditional Vietnamese lanterns.

Through meticulous planning and innovative problem-solving, we transformed formidable challenges into exceptional success.

Our Solution

To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive digital strategy focused on functionality and brand representation.

  • Designed a visually appealing website that highlights their menu and services.
  • Implemented a robust order management system for efficient processing.
  • Ensured the platform caters to both private and corporate clients with customized solutions.
  • Integrated secure payment gateways to protect customer data and transactions.
  • Developed a unique design theme inspired by the traditional Vietnamese silk lanterns to reflect their brand identity.

Our Result

The new digital platform significantly improved the operational efficiency and customer engagement for Orange Lantern Catering Singapore. The user-friendly website and robust order management system enabled seamless interactions, while the unique design enhanced their brand presence. This transformation has positioned Orange Lantern Catering as a premier catering service provider in Singapore.