A Practical Yet Underused Digital Marketing Tip

A Practical Yet Underused Digital Marketing Tip

Search Engine Marketing: A Practical Yet Underused Digital Marketing Tip

This blog post aims to inform the reader about a search engine marketing strategy they can use to boost their online presence. Targeting keywords is a very important part of SEO, but you need to be smart about where and how you are spending your energy.


Are you familiar with the automatic suggestions that Google offers when you use their search engine? For instance, you might start typing the word “iTunes” in and Google will suggest a longer phrase such as “iTunes download”. This process is called Google Suggest and online marketers should take advantage of it. Many people end up taking Google’s recommendations, and this means that online marketers should target these keywords with their SEO campaign. The book How To Find Profitable Buyer Keywords in 30 Minutes opines:

Now scraping Google Suggest manually would suck to the nth degree. Therefore we are going to use Ubersuggest to make this process super easy for us. In case you have not already guessed, the first step in this keyword research process is to use Ubersuggest to create a massive list of buyer-friendly keywords based on your initial product names and titles, which we shall refer to from now as “seed keywords”.

Using our service will help your online business gather a large number of keywords, words, and phrases that are related to your business, and then you can target these keywords with white-hat SEO techniques. The phrases already have a built-in audience, but sometimes it is under-served. This is a practical way to upgrade your online presence.

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