Facebook Ads for Beginner's: What Is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Ads for Beginner's: What Is Facebook Advertising?

To learn how to use Facebook for marketing purposes, read our guide on Facebook Advertising.

Create a Business Page.

If you're looking to advertise on Facebook, you need to first create a business page. This will allow you to connect with potential customers and build relationships with them.

Set Up Ad Targeting.

Once you've created a business page, you can start creating ads. You can choose between two options: targeting people who live near you (geo-targeting) or targeting people based on interests and demographics (interest-based targeting).

Choose Your Budget.

If you're just starting out with Facebook advertising, you should consider setting aside a small budget. This will allow you to test different strategies without spending too much money.

Start Building Your Campaign.

Once you've decided what type of ads you'd like to run, you need to decide where to place them. You can choose to advertise on Facebook itself, or you can use third party platforms such as AdEspresso, Google Display Network, or even Instagram.

Start Building Your Campaign!

After deciding where to place your ads, you're ready to start building your campaign. To do so, you'll first need to select your target audience. This will help determine who sees your ads and how often they see them. Next, you'll need to decide whether you want to pay per click (PPC) or cost per impression (CPM). PPC costs more money upfront, but allows you to target people based on certain criteria. CPM is less expensive, but you won't be able to target people by any criteria.

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